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platform for hotels

What if your hotel could offer limo service, to all guests, free of charge?

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What is Virgo.limo?

A transportation platform that enables all hotels to offer luxury airport rides, both ways, to all their guests, free of charge… while increasing their revenues and profits.

How it works


Your hotel brand:

A hotel brand is determined by the quality & value of services delivered. By extending the welcome mat to the airport, Hotels
fundamentally transform their brand/reputation for guests. This is why we obsess over 5-star standards to ensure safe, smooth and luxurious rides for all our guests.



Sophisticated Platform

Virgo.limo’s platform includes a hotel-branded transportation app that is integrated with the hotel’s booking flow, and it includes a front desk dashboard for tracking rides, arrival and departures.



Increase revenue
& profit

Virgo.limo is designed and priced to drive significant profit and revenue increases for hotels. Free transportation is such a compelling amenity that it shifts share, helps yield higher rates, and helps sales close better negotiated deals.

It’s a win for guests, and a win for hotels.

Transportation as a killer amenity

Travelers have 3 basic needs: a bed, a meal, a ride.  Hotels have typically deliver the first two needs at various price and service points. For the 3rd need, travelers have been on their own, until now…

With the profound changes in transportation and technology, we see a future where hotels deliver transportation services at scale,  as a key amenity to innovate, differentiate and delight their guests.

This vision requires an infrastructure comprising a large fleet, trained and motivated chauffeurs, standards and procedures, insurance, systems and client applications that any hotel (large or small) can easily plug into, to deliver a specific service to its guests. Virgo.limo is building that infrastructure.



Apathy Could be Killing Your Hotel

One of the biggest challenges facing hotels today is low website conversion rates that not only accentuates ineffective/unprofitable marketing campaigns but also increases the dependency on OTAs. Average conversion rates for Hotels are 2-3% with 95% booking process abandonment (Hospitality Times) and more than 76% of online bookings for non-branded hotels come from OTA’s (STR/HSMAI). However, given these challenges many hotels are falling into a death trap by becoming complacent and comfortable with the status quo. Blame it on bureaucracy; management skillset or fear but what hotels are faced with today is apathy. ...

Airbnb Effect on SF Hotels during Super Bowl

Three weeks prior to the Super Bowl, hotel prices around the bay area were at a peak, averaging $771 in San Francisco for 3 & 4 star hotels. Virgo tracked the prices from January 15th through February 5th and during this period, prices in San Francisco fell nearly 18% to $633/nt. Expensive, yes; however, not what hotels were expecting or hoping for. San Francisco Hotel Prices – Super Bowl *Based on 3&4 Star Hotels 1/31/16-2/5/16 (n=86) What this could confirm is the effect that Airbnb is having on hotels. What generally should drive up prices given the high demand for lodging for such a big event was pulled back due to huge supply of rooms being made availability by Airbnb…

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